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For partners


Information for partners

Storeolis invites IT-companies, digital agencies and studios, freelancer to join partnership program. With this program partner gets revenue from the monthly fee from each online-store created on Storeolis® platform based on selected pricing plan (see Pricing plans). Requests for change from partners are processed in priority order.

For more details please send request to .


Smartech - IT-outsourcing, software development, testing and quality assurance. Storeolis customers have 5% discount on software development (integration, sales, supply, mobile apps, etc.)
USTRONG - full-cycle digital agency. SEO-optimization, contextual advertising, web-sites. Storeolis customers have 30% discount on SEO-optimization and maintenance of the online store and special offer for contextual advertising
Finguru - accounting services. Storeolis customers have 2 months of free acounting services
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